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The Ponds at Woodland Ridge


  1. 2 Ponds
The Melvin Murry Park is located at 207th Street and Barker Road within the Woodland Ridge Subdivision.  Access to the park is on an unimproved path within the Woodland Ridge Subdivision at the intersection of 208th Terrace and Skyview Lane.

This park is undeveloped and consists of 16.31 acres. It has 2 ponds, an upper and lower pond.  The upper pond is a storm water runoff basin and is not managed as a fishery. The lower pond is part of the Community Fisheries Assistance Program (CFAP) and is stocked occasionally. Individuals are allowed to fish on the lower pond but must adhere to the Kansas State Fishing regulations and restrictions that are posted within the pond area.  All persons fishing must possess a Kansas State Fishing License.

City ordinance prohibits any person from wading, bathing or swimming in a city lake. The use of a recognized float tube is permitted; however hip boots or chest waders without a float tube are prohibited.
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