Stress Management Tips

Ways to Deal with Stress 

  • At Home
    • Speak up for yourself: let others know when you're feeling stressed 
    • Take action: try to find the best strategy to solve it
    • Get organized: have a clean and tidy space to help maintain balance 
    • Create your own space: find a space where you can be alone
  • At Work
    • Understand expectations: not knowing is stressful, so ask for clarification whenever you need it 
    • Avoid multitasking: multitasking reduces your effectiveness - only do one task at a time
    • Minimize conflict: avoid controversial topics at work
    • Get comfortable: adjust your work environment and clothing to make sure you're comfy
  • For Relationships
    • Remove external stressors: communication is the best way to do this
    • Get to the room of the problem: talking things through helps to alleviate added stress
    • Save time for yourself: it's essential to dedicate quality time to yourself and things you enjoy 
    • Improve your communication skills: poor communication leads to stress - learn to communicate constructively and effectively 
  • Quickly
    • Take a walk: exercise of any kind can be an effective stress reliever 
    • Breathe deeply: taking a few deep breaths can help relieve stress
    • Use aromatherapy: certain scents can decrease the levels of stress hormones in the body 
    • Get a hug from a loved one: hugging reduces blood pressure and stress hormones in the body, which helps you relax 

Long-Term Stress Management

  • Exercise regularly 
  • Eat well
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Try relaxation techniques